Monday, January 24, 2011

note to self:

a basic list of things i constantly have to remind myself....
please keep in mind that although some of these things may seem simple to you,
there are those of us that are simple-minded and just can't keep up with all y'all.

don't set your favorite song as your alarm clock. it gets old reeeeeeal fast.

movies aren't real. try not to cry in every single one.

if you lie to yourself, you're lying to the only person that can fix your problems.

don't get on a bus if you don't know where it's going. (fyi- i'm not trying to speak figuratively here... literally, don't get on the bus!)

planning time wisely does not mean having a snack and potty break every five minutes.

be careful when praying for patience or humility. 'nuff said.

kindergartners get nap time during school, you are not in kindergarten no matter how much you wish you were. get over it.

don't say "hi" to the person sitting next to you on a plane or a train or a bus. you will get an ear-full of "what could have beens" and "what ifs" and a very motivational speech about where you're going in the future. get on the plane first, and either sleep or fake it.

avoid the crazy people.

eating a whole bag of chips in one sitting makes you feel gross. no, it won't be different "this time."

just because something is free isn't a good idea to take it- unless it's food.

don't let scary bus lady use your cell phone. again, pretend you're asleep.

it's never too late to enroll in institute. all the signs say so.

selfishness is NOT an attractive quality.

"table for one" is a lonely statement, even if you've been accused of multiple personality disorder.

don't stay up til 4:00 am when you have to get back up at 6:00. NO EXCEPTIONS! (unless you're watching prison break)

"all-nighters" were never a good idea. you will pay for it.

don't say your prayers in bed. you fall asleep EVERY TIME

Stay tuned...


  1. LOVE this post :) Spence you're great! And I should remind myself of those things too :) PS when are you coming to nyc...cuz it's about time you come out here again!

  2. hahahaha Spence this is great!!

  3. Um k.. thanks for making my day. You are awesome!

  4. Sometimes when you read your child's blog you realize just how much you really passed on to your offspring!