Monday, November 1, 2010


Sometimes to get where we want to go, life takes us on a little detour.

New York City for fall break? Yes! Cheap stand-by tickets? Yes! A few days of amazing friends and lots of good times? Absolutely!

When one of my mission companions, Brian, and I decided to take a trip for fall break, we were way stoked! We had everything all planned out. He would get the hook-up for inexpensive plane tickets, I would get us an awesome place to stay, and we would have the time of our lives in the Big Apple. We decided to fly stand-by seeing as it is really cheap. Ok, mom, you have given me enough crap for not paying attention to what "stand-by" means. Got it.

The night before we were supposed to leave, Brian
calls and informs me that it will be impossible to leave from Salt Lake City. My reaction- bummer! no trip! However, there was an alternate option... drive to Las Vegas, and catch any of the flights from there. 24 hours later, we were packed up and on our way to the Vegas. It all makes perfect sense, of course, we want to go from Salt Lake City to New York City, so drive to Vegas... Ok, I am guilty of thinking those little construction detours were bad. Try a 7 hour detour, each way.

Well, we got to the airport in the Vegas super early on Thursday morning and waited. I thought we would have a good chance getting on the first flight, I was wrong. The second flight definitely looked better! Nope, no luck. When the third flight was finally taking off, there was one seat left. Brian was then on his way to NYC while I did homework in Vegas. Luckily, my prayers were answered and I was on the next flight out three hours later. We landed at 1:00 am in New York City and luckily Michael and Siri didn't kill us for arriving at their house so stinkin' late! Sorry guys...

Of course we slept in the next morning and then it was off to the big city! It wasn't until we got into Manhattan that I found out that Brian had never actually been there before. So all day Friday was spent doing touristy stuff. We met up with Kait and Heidi and had a great time touring one of the greatest cities on the earth.

That night was awesome! We met Michael and Siri for dinner at a really good Italian restaurant and to see In The Heights with Jordin Sparks! Michael got a sweet deal from his work and we sat on the 4th row. I swear Jordin winked right at me. Sad tale though, we waited outside the door on the road for Jordin to come out. I just knew that if she saw me, I would get a kiss. Unfortunately, we didn't see her. But I still did get a kiss! Kind of...

Saturday was AWESOME! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIRI! We slept in (again), lost the Wicked lotto,

went to central park and played in row boats (my personal favorite),

went to Serendipity
(my other personal favorite),

then we tried the Wicked lotto again (yet another favorite). However, there was something different about this lottery! 2 people from our group actually won! (my very favorite part). Michael and Sarah both won 1st and 2nd row tickets to that night's show! Michael and Siri gave us their tickets and Brian, Sarah, Heidi, and I were able to go and see Wicked that night! The second row was 100% incredible and a perfect way to end our last night of the journey.

Thank you Michael and Siri for letting us stay with you! We had an awesome time! Also, thanks to Siri for the awesome pictures!

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