Monday, November 15, 2010

Whatever is... is best.

I had the wonderful opportunity to serve under two amazing mission presidents. I learned a lot from both of them. I loved having two different presidents. They were both so unique and really lead us through their personal testimonies. It's amazing to me how people can be so spiritual, yet we all have our own different way of portraying it. It's interesting to see how people show their testimonies. President Ellsworth was a spiritual giant (literally giant because he's like 6'8" or something like that). I used to have a hard time seeing the big picture. I used to get caught up in the "why and how." I became so enveloped in planning whatever I was going to do next by trying to change what was currently happening. I needed answers. We went to a zone conference and something that President Ellsworth said has really stuck with me. He said, "Whatever is, is best." He then repeated it about a hundred times just to cement it in my head, I guess.

I respond well to little 'catch-phrases' so I spent the next few days thinking about that. To this day, if I find myself questioning "why?," this phrase still pops in my head. I have made a lot of changes in the past few months. I've spent so much time worrying and hoping that I had made the right decisions. To worry is hereditary in my family. I think we're really good at it! Some days are better than others, but as a general rule, I have learned that life is so much better when we stop worrying about everything and accept that live is what it is!

I have always liked President Monson's quote:

"The past is behind,
learn from it.
The Future is ahead,
prepare for it.
The present is here,

As I looked into it a little more, I found this poem written by Ella Wheeler Wilcox. President Ellsworth may have been quoting this, however I am not sure.

I know as my life grows older,
And mine eyes have clearer sight,
That under each rank of wrong, somewhere
There lies the root of right;
That each sorrow has its purpose,
By the sorrowing oft unguessed;
But as sure as the sun brings morning,
Whatever is - is best.

I know that each sinful action,
As sure as the night brings shade,
Is somewhere, sometime punished,
Though the hour be long delayed.
I know that the soul is sided
Sometimes by the heart's unrest,
And to grow mean often to suffer -
But whatever is - is best.

I know there are no errors
In the great Eternal plan,
And all things work together
For the final good of man.
And I know as my soul speeds onward,
In its grand Eternal quest,
I shall say as I look back earthward,
Whatever is - is best.

I've thought a lot about this in the past few weeks. Sometimes we think we know what is best for ourselves and we try to take the reins and speed ahead. I think God must get a good laugh in when we do that and make complete fools of ourselves. I know I'm not the best at just letting things happen, but it's something I am constantly working on. I know, as the poem says, that there isn't a flaw in the eternal plan. There are times in life where it is hard to see that big picture though. I learn more and more every day that the place for me to be part of that plan is right here, in the present and I plan to live every moment of it.

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