Monday, January 23, 2012

i run into things.

i have a problem.

i run into things.

the ottoman.
         the chair.
                                      the desk.
                      the tub.
                             the cat, even though we don't have one.
                                                                                              the cupboard.
            the carpet (don't ask).
   the car.
                                                      heaven forbid there be a pole of some sort in my way.
                    the door.
                         who the heck put a toaster on the floor?
i have a constant bruise on my hip.  it's the perfect position for the corner of the railing on the stairs.
                                             and most recently, the sign.

as i was walking out of harmon's the other day, this sign got in my way.

after attacking the sign at full speed and dropping a curse word, i took a bow for the spectators as well as a picture of the sign and booked it.  it took a few minutes before i realized i'd have to try and hide this when i got back to work from my lunch break.  it didn't work.

you'd think there would be a simple solution, but... no.  there is no easy fix for the highly uncoordinated.  in fact, my condition seems to be getting progressively worse.

i have bruises.

i have cuts.

i have scars.



  1. Sorry spence I don't think this kind of thing gets better you just get older and it is more expected ha ha love Suzanne

  2. I run into things too... like the giant vacuum at the church....
    Yep. I knew that would make you feel better.